Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Solid colors 22.00 each, 

tied-dyed 30.00 each

shipping for first 2 t-shirts is 6.00 in U.S.

paypal accepted

e-mail me about colors and sizes


Lotus in water,
 back has Om sanskrit symbol

spidermonkeys!!! we has your neurons* back of tee, organgrinder + monkey = banana$
I Hear it, I Like it, I Love it! Boombox on back
golfing gopher playing the nineteeth hole,  Flying saucer on back

DJ-Ganesh, with eye in the clouds back

AnalogToni singing Binary is analog, Electric mowhawk snake tonearm on back.

Quantum cat, schrodinger telling time,
As monsanto the mouse quotes heisenberg equation on back.

BinaryBuddha meditating binary code, doing finger meditations on back.

Darwin, monkeys are confused by religion, alien mickey will be baptized

Dr.freud the headshrinker, shrunken head on back

Cupcake with Tear of happiness, is happy to be dessert. 3 cherries on back.

MichealChip defender of circuits, with chip on back.

sting, electrified. back is single stingray

techoPirate , resistor is back

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